UH QB Boyd Tingle lets it fly.

The 1947 Cougar team was, perhaps, the worst the program has ever fielded. In its second year of existence, the team took a big step back from 1946.

In Jewell Wallace’s second season, UH’s 1947 team was held to 96 points for the year and just 28 in the last 8 games. The year ended with three-straight shutouts and five overall. Almost hard to imagine today as UH has a 222-game scoring streak heading into the 2020 season (last time shutout: 2000 vs. Texas).

But the 1947 team ran into a lot of trouble, the biggest issue being a non-existent passing game. In several games where stats are available, UH did not complete a pass. There are no season stats from 1947 but, through our research, we know that UH had two completions in the McMurry, Texas A&I, Trinity, Hardin-Simmons, and North Texas State games combined.

How bad was it? Boyd Tingle led the team with 116 yards passing. For the season.

The shoulder-striped Coogs took it in the gut in 1947. Quite literally for team captain Bill Cook.

Game conditions were also a problem all season with several game stories describing “a heavy downpour,” “a driving rain,” and “a field of mud.” It was a blinding rainstorm that produced UH’s lowest-scoring game ever: a 2-0 loss to Southwest Texas.

At the end of the season, Coach Wallace was replaced by Clyde Lee.

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