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UH Defense: The Good, The Bad, & The D’Onofrio

Just some rambling thoughts on a defense that, until Tulsa imploded, couldn’t get a stop: The Good, The Bad, & The D’Onofrio Payton Turner is thriving off the 1-on-1’s created by Ed Oliver’s presence in the middle. Carter and Chambers are largely non-factors. Turner has 24 tackles this year while Carter & Chambers have combined for 25 total. UH had 4… Read More
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Tulsa Game Brings Attendance Back To The Forefront

If we are being honest, there were not 25,000 people in the stands vs. Tulsa. Here’s what it looked like midway through the 2nd quarter after the full crowd had arrived: The west end zone (below where these pictures were taken) was pretty sparse as well. Game Times Like most people, I’m not sure what to do about attendance. Most… Read More