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Hot Take: Making It To Sunday Of AAC Tournament Could Be Bad

The Coogs tip-off tonight in the American Athletic Conference Tournament. And as I see it, there are 2 acceptable outcomes and 2 bad outcomes.   First the good: Win the whole thing, of course, or get knocked out on Saturday. The bad: lose tonight or lose in the title game. Let me explain.   Obviously, winning it is great. But… Read More
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March 8th Seedology (Updated From Wednesday)

Let’s be real: the tourney is interesting but we care about the Coogs. That’s why I focus on seedology and not bracketology.   After a couple days of games in conference tournaments, not much has changed for UH really. The American tourney will get underway tomorrow morning with all games on ESPNU. The Cougars will play Friday night at 8… Read More
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It’s March 1st: Time To Pay Attention To Seeding

After last night’s win over SMU, UH has now won 23 games this season.  That’s the most regular season wins for the school since 1990. And Sunday, the Cougars go for a 16-0 home schedule which would be the first time that’s happened since 1983-84. Exciting times for men’s basketball with this team clicking heading into March and the Fertitta… Read More
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UH Athletics Has a Communications Problem

RANT: It’s hard for UH to draw attention to ourselves. We live in a market where the local media are obsessed with pro sports. So it’s important that our fans, and especially our communications (formerly SID) staff, gets basic information correct. An example: Men’s basketball is ranked for the first time since 2005. That’s 12 years. But you wouldn’t know… Read More