New Subscription Options For July

GoCoogs Subscription

GoCoogs has several subscription options available in July, including our deal for students and staff (see below).

We have added a new annual option that comes with a gift! This month only, you can choose between two annual subscription options.

Choose your annual subscription

Option A: Subscribe to get 25% off of our regular price – now just $59.99 or

Option B: Subscribe for $69.99 and get a sleeve of Titleist ProV1 Swinging Cougar golf balls.

Click the offer of your choice to complete your subscription.

A sleeve = 3 golf balls. Preseason special valid while supplies last. Must purchase an annual subscription.

Football Season Is Coming!

GoCoogs is off to a roaring start this summer: 23 Cougar Football articles in June and we’ve had 8 scoops in recruiting since May 1st. We’ll be non-stop with quality Coog content for the rest of the summer and all through the football season.

GoCoogs takes Cougar fans beyond the game recap with premium content and exclusive stories you can’t find anywhere else.

This year, GoCoogs will produce 300 quality pieces of in-depth Cougar Football content. And dozens more in basketball and baseball. No one writes as much and NO ONE writes as in-depth as GoCoogs. This season, 90% of our content will be exclusively for our subscribers.

You can become a subscriber now:

Annual Subscription – $59.99

Or, you can choose Preseason Special (the golfball giveaway) and receive an annual membership plus a sleeve of Titleist Pro V1 golf balls with the Swinging-Cougar logo.

Golf Ball Giveaway – $69.99

Or you can subscribe month-to-month:

Monthly Subscription – $8.99

Subscription Benefits

No one writes more Cougar content than GoCoogs! A subscription to GoCoogs includes:

Subscribe to GoCoogs

Subscribers Receive:

Inside scoops you can’t get anywhere else;

Smart analysis and exclusive stories;

Talkin’ Bout Them Cougars! Our new Cougar football podcast;

Weekly opponent previews;

Profiles of current players;

Our popular series: UH Glory Days;

Unique UH player and recruit profiles;

Q&As with players, coaches, and administrators;

Our subscriber-only message board, The Veer;

And more!

Annual Subscription – $59.99

Once you subscribe to, you receive full access to our premium content. You also have access to the Veer, our subscriber-only message board.

The Veer forum is where we post our insider scoops, news, and stats first. To date, GoCoogs subscribers have built a fun, drama-free community that allows for great, civil conversation among passionate Cougar fans. By having a completely private forum, we’ve eliminated trolling, outsiders, politics, and over-the-top profanity.

Our community is why GoCoogs is the fastest-growing Cougar website.

Subscribers also have access to awesome UH emojis, exclusively on the Veer, like this:

UH Emojis Available With A GoCoogs Subscription

A sample of the more than 100 UH-themed emojis available on the Veer

Get all of this for just $59.99. There’s no better deal for Cougar fans!

Annual Subscription – $59.99

Great deal for UH students and staff

GoCoogs offers discounted subscription options for UH students & staff: either a monthly ($3.99/month) or annual ($29.99) subscription. These plans are only valid only when subscribing with a e-mail address.3

Students & Staff Monthly – $3.99 | Students & Staff Annually – $29.99 is the only UH subscription website with special pricing for UH students & staff.
For those wanting to help ensure the long term success of, to help compensate contributors and to subsidize student memberships, we have created a Super Supporter level.4

Super Supporter – $149.99

*Please note: the promotional subscription deals above are valid for July 2019 and cannot be guaranteed after that. These are our most up-to-date subscription specials.

*By clicking Place Your Order, you agree to our Payment Terms. After year one, your subscription renews at the regular rate available at the time of renewal. Fall 2019 renewals will be for $89.99.