Houston Chronicle Announces Launch Of HOUNIL

HOUNIL.com launched today and was featured in the Houston Chronicle:

HOU NIL, a subscription service affiliated with GoCoogs.com, announced plans to offer player-generated content through a “Players’ Platform” that aims to give fans a behind-the-scenes look into their daily lives and access through in-person events.

The Chronicle announced that Marcus Sasser (men’s basketball) and D’Anthony Jones (football) were the first players to sign with HOUNIL.

“We want to put players at the forefront of everything we do,” Publisher Ryan Monceaux said. “We’re going to work with every athlete that wants it,” Monceaux said. “This is a UH thing. Not a UH football or basketball thing.”

Former UH athletes Galen Robinson, Zeke Riser, and Brad Towns are on the still-growing HOUNIL advisory board.

HOUNIL.com is the perfect partnership for Cougar fans and athletes. Fans have never access to their favorite players like what they get from HOUNIL. Upgrade now to the Players’ Platform to get exclusive, original content from athletes.

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