What is HOU NIL?

We are a subscription service that delivers content created by Houston student-athletes and compensates them based on their name, image, and likeness. As the players’ platform, we give fans access they've never had before. Players appreciate our NIL model because it gives more athletes opportunities to be creative and benefit from NIL.

What is NIL?

NIL means name, image, and likeness, referring to college athletes' right to benefit from their personal brands. Texas state law says there must be a quid pro quo between the athlete and the NIL group - athletes must perform a service for compensation. Our quid pro quo is the content.

How do I get access to the content?

You can subscribe to HOU NIL here. There are five subscription levels, all available in monthly or annual options. You can also choose your subscription amount.

Why are the subscriptions so expensive?

NIL is big business and players in the Big 12 are signing massive deals for Lamborghinis and putting their names on mustard companies. Of course, we don't expect to give players new cars every 45 days, but we know Houston has to start being competitive in NIL. While you cannot pay recruits in Texas, they are watching to see what are competitive in NIL money is going.

What type of content will you have?

Anything you can think of. HOU NIL athletes can create the content they want in written, video, or audio format. We encourage athletes to come to us with their ideas. Athletes will also host events - watch parties for other Houston sports, bowling, game nights - throughout the year, exclusively for subscribers.

Can my business sponsor HOU NIL?

Yes! We have created unique sponsorship opportunities to benefit Houston athletes. Contact us.

How do student-athletes get involved?

Easy! Contact us.

Are all athletes included?

Only student-athletes contracted with HOU NIL will receive compensation for their participation. However, our goal is to work with as many athletes as possible. Subscribers should expect lots of fun, compelling content from football, basketball, and every other Houston sport.

How transparent will this be?

Individual agreements with athletes are private, but HOU NIL will be open about the money we raise and distribute. In addition, we are in the process of building an advisory board made up of former UH athletes to help guide us.

So far, we have confirmed that former Cougar athletes Galen Robinson, Zeke Riser, and Brad Towns will be part of our advisory board.

Do I have to subscribe to GoCoogs.com to get HOU NIL?

Yes, HOU NIL is an add-on to a GoCoogs.com subscription. An HOU NIL subscriber will receive all premium GoCoogs and NIL content.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can go to your account to cancel at any time. Subscribers do not need to contact a customer service rep to cancel.