Cougars Will Slide In AP Top 25

Updated: 8:50 a.m.

Less than 6 weeks until Selection Sunday.

As could be expected, the Cougars are losing ground this week in the poll. Had UH just lost a close game on the road, it would have been one thing. But with the added attention of The Bite, I think UH is being slightly penalized so far.

This week, we expect the Coogs to move down to 25 and, it is possible, to be unranked. The AP Top 25 is released around 11 a.m. An abbreviated tracker this week due to other commitments.

Current Point Total: 6
+/- Difference From Last Week: -24
Points Last Week: 296
Total Ballots So Far: 6/64
Ballots Left Off: 3/64

AP Voters That Have Released Their Ballot

Most recent ballots first:

Ben Steele: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
NR – Steele had the Cougars 21 last week.


Luke DeCock: News & Observer
#24 – dropped from 19th last week.

Rick Bozich: WDRB TV
NR – down from #22

Jerry Carino: Asbury Park Press
#24 – Coogs were #24 two weeks ago on Jerry’s ballot then 21 last week. Now back to 24 after the Cincy loss.

Sam Blum: Dallas Morning News
#24 – Down 4 spots from last week.


Seth Davis: The Athletic
NR – Dropped from 24.


Other Notable Ratings

NCAA NET: 35 (33)
KenPom: 26 (20)
T-Rank: 27 (28)
ESPN BPI: 28 (26)
Sagarin: 21 (17)
Massey: 25 (20)

Last week’s rating in parentheses.