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GoCoogs.com is the #1 site on the web for thoughtful analysis of UH athletics. Featuring great content, insights, and discussion for Cougar fans, we provide a service no one else in the world can. And our site is 100% by Coogs for Coogs.

One of our goals is to constantly question popular narratives and search for hidden truths. You might read something in the media but is it true? Does it hold up to scrutiny? We drill down in topics and uncover useful information and data.

Our new GoCoogs Insider (GCI) provides the best in Cougar content, analysis, and discussion. Check out what GCI offers:

GCI Exclusive Content

  • Instant game reactions,
  • A subscriber mailbag different than any you’ve ever seen,
  • Unique interviews with coaches,
  • VintageUH stories,
  • Challenge the assumption: in-depth looks at what we think we know,
  • multi-part season previews,
  • detailed season wrap-ups,
  • Spring football coverage,
  • And more.

GCI Top-Tier Analysis

  • Film room breakdown,
  • Beyond the box score metrics,
  • Deep statistical analysis,
  • Constant evaluation of UH teams, coaches and players,
  • Advanced photo galleries,
  • Subscriber-only video,
  • Detailed by the numbers stories,

GCI Discussions

A new forum for intelligent, high-level discussion with our publisher, our contributors, and other subscribers. A message board just for GoCoogs Insiders.

Our goal is for our readers to learn something new every time they visit this site.

Some content will always be free at GoCoogs. That’s just something we believe in and won’t change. News and notes, conference breakdowns, our Youtube channel, photo galleries, and some statistical breakdowns will always be available to everyone.

But to get the full ride, you must become a GoCoogs Insider. Insider features our very-best content.

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