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Houston Veer
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The Veer is where we post our insider scoops, news, stats, and more before putting it out for the general public. GoCoogs subscribers have built a fun, drama-free community that allows for great, civil conversation among passionate Cougar fans. It also eliminates trolling, outsiders, politics, and over-the-top profanity. This is why GoCoogs is the fastest-growing Cougar website.

Every subscriber is granted access as soon as they sign up and can see and comment on every thread and post. We keep the conversation civil by imposing a few rules that have worked very well:

  • Don’t be a jerk.
  • Don’t harass anyone (see Rule 1).
  • Don’t steal premium content to post elsewhere (see Rule 1).
  • No politics (see Rule 1).

When you subscribe to GoCoogs and get access to the Veer, please introduce yourself, tell us how long you’ve been a Cougar fan, and your favorite UH memory. Hopefully, this will help build the “community” in this Cougar Community!

GoCoogs members also have access to awesome UH emojis, exclusively on the Veer, like these:

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