Coogs Drop 2 Spots In AP Poll

Updated: 11:17 a.m.

The Cougars fell two spots to #22 in the AP Poll this week.

Our poll tracking coverage here:

It’s 27 days until Selection Sunday and the 20-6 Coogs are in a great spot for a bid to the tournament. But first: this week’s AP Poll. After the loss to SMU, the Coogs will likely drop a spot (or so) in the AP Poll this week. We predict UH will be #22, maybe at 21, when the rankings come out at 11 a.m.

Current Point Total: 38
+/- Difference From Last Week: -48
Points Last Week: 402
Total Ballots So Far: 11/64
Ballots Left Off: 2/64

AP Voters That Have Released Their Ballot

Most recent ballots first:
Joey Knight – Tampa Bay Times
#24 – down a spot from last week.


Chad Leistikow – Des Moines Register
Chad has UH at 25 a week after having the Coogs at 24.

Chris Murray – Nevada Sports Net
#22 – Chris moved UH up a spot from 23 – one of only two writers to do so to this point.

John Rothstein – CBS Sports
NR – Rothstein has had UH at 25 twice in the last month but unranked otherwise. This week, he has the Coogs down to 31 in his top 40.

Luke DeCock – News & Observer
#22 – down from 15 last week.

Rick Bozich – WDRB
#25 – down from 17.

Jerry Carino – Asbury Park Press
#21 – dropped from 19 last week.

Rob Dauster – NBC Sports
#21, down 4 spots this week.

Sam Blum – Dallas News
#19 – Coogs fall 3 in Blum’s ranking.


Mark Berman – Roanoke Times
NR – Berman put SFA at #25 after debating UH for the spot.

Seth Davis – The Athletic
#17 up 2 spots this week as Seth continues to either troll or not know what he’s doing.


Other Notable Ratings

KenPom: 20
T-Rank: 15
Sagarin: 17
Massey: 22


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