David Klingler sets an NCAA record with 6 TDs in a quarter

David Klingler - 1991

Klingler Breaks Another NCAA Record

Today in 1991: The 8th-ranked Houston Cougars destroyed Louisiana Tech, 73-3, as David Klingler threw for 510 yards and 9 touchdowns. Klingler set an NCAA-record with 6 TD passes in the a single quarter.

After LaTech took an early 3-0 lead, Houston scored 73 unanswered points including 42 in the second quarter. How crazy was his day? Klingler had 109 yards just on touchdown passes in that quarter. Tech had 110 yards passing in the game.

“It was a lot of fun out there today,” Klingler said after the game. “We struggled early, but after a while, it was just a matter of them getting rundown with their pass rush and coverage.”

Klingler’s record-setting day included three TDs each to John Brown III and Tracy Good, two to Freddie Gilbert, and a 6-yarder to Verlond Brown. Klingler ended the day 36 of 57 passing.

“You’ve never seen anything else like that,” LaTech safety Doug Evans said after the game. “People are all over the place and when the quarterback has time to throw, you don’t know where he’s going to throw it.”

Linebacker Myron Baker agreed. “If he has the time, you don’t stand a chance. I don’t care who you are.”

With another TD pass from backup Donald Douglas, the Cougars tied an NCAA record for the most TD passes against a Division I-A opponent. The record tied the one set by Klingler and Andre Ware against SMU in 1989.

It was the fourth-straight opener in which UH did not give up a touchdown, outscoring opponents 239-12. The 73 points were the most points ever allowed by a Louisiana Tech team.

UH finished the game with 702 yards and did not have a scoring drive last longer than 2 minutes, 49 seconds. The fun was short-lived, though: after beating the Bulldogs in dramatic fashion, the Coogs would lose the next four games by 100 points combined.


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