Selection Sunday Seedology!

I’ve written this story time and again this week: if we make it to the AAC title game, we are a 5-seed in the NCAA Tournament. And here we are on Selection Sunday and it’s all falling into place.
Here’s how all the numbers stack up:

26-6 record
18-4 in AAC
7-5 on the road
RPI: 17
Conference RPI: 10
Conference SOS: 76
Non-Conference RPI: 21
Non-conference SOS: 245
3-2 vs Top 25
7-2 vs Top 50
Strength of Schedule: 93
Opponents’ SOS: 7

March 5 Seedology

Each year, the committee wakes up on Selection Sunday and makes 4-5 brackets for the scenarios that could play out that afternoon. With only 3 games that can affect the top-half of the bracket (Kentucky/Tennessee, Davidson/URI, and Houston/Cincinnati), there’s not too many alternates needed today. If Rhode Island loses, they probably slip down to a 9/10 seed and if Cincinnati loses, they may slip to a 3-seed. Win or lose, I think we are a 5-seed but maybe there’s a scenario where we slip to a 4.



BracketMatrix has us as the top 6-seed, ready to slide into a top-5 seed today. It's the first time our bracketology average has been below 6. And only 1 bracket in the matrix has us higher than a 7 - and that guy *just* updated and moved us to a 7 (but isn't reflected in Matrix yet).

In terms of brackets

  • USA Today has moved us up to a 5-seed in Boise vs. South Dakota State.
  • ESPN has us at 6 in Dallas against a play-in game winner.
  • CBSSports has us as a 6 against a play-in game winner as well.

Well, we made it to the title game, we've got 26 wins, our RPI sits at 17, we're 7-2 vs top 50 teams. There's only one thing left to do.

This is getting real! Let's get a win today and force the selection committee to go to th and make the committee decide between a 4- and a 5-seed for the Houston Cougars!

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