This one is for you, Houston

Houston goes bold with opening-day uniforms. You’ll either love ’em, or you’ll hate ’em. I don’t think many people will be in the middle.

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UH had a highly-produced unveiling of the uniforms on Thursday morning. Carl Lewis narrated a video and leaked photos and bullet points to outlets like Dave Campbell’s Texas Football and the Houston Chronicle. Lewis intones, “Luv Ya, Houston,” just as you see the famous Columbia blue and red stripes down the pant leg on the video for the first time.

At the 1:20 mark, the unnamed player wearing Andre Ware’s #11 strikes a Heisman pose.

Rumors started leaking a few days ago that UH would pay homage to their former Astrodome roommate; AD Chris Pezman told the team Monday about the uniforms. UH will go with the full home Oiler uniform: Columbia blue jerseys, white lettering, and scarlet trim. The helmets are white with Cougars in blue with scarlet trim.

The move is part social media/recruiting strategy, part branding strategy. The Athletics Department has embraced the city more and more in the past few years and has incorporated more Houston in uniforms and team-specific marketing. “HoUSton” has become part of the UH identity, and programs like volleyball have adopted “Be Someone” from the I-45 graffiti.

Expect more of this strategy as the 2023-24 season develops. The uniform combo is a bold first step for UH Football as they enter the Big 12. Tying themselves to the Oiler history could gain traction with older fans who pine for the Luv Ya Blue days and the younger set that wear Oiler throwbacks. There have been rumors that the Texans might wear an Oiler-themed combo at some point this season, but UH beat them to the punch.

Saturday, coaches will wear light blue hats featuring the white script “Houston” font, and the end zones will be painted in Columbia blue.

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