Cougars Suffocate #16 Wichita State

Jarreau defending the ball / Courtesy of

The Houston Cougars went on the road and completely dominated the team that, to this point, had been the best in the conference. With the win, UH’s NET rating jumped from 44 to 34. Houston’s Q1 record is still 2-1 as the Temple win fell to Q2 after they were thumped in Highland Park last night.

53 Minutes Of Hell

In the first half, Dejon Jarreau rebounded a missed Wichita State free throw attempt, dribbled up to the line, and darted a pass up the floor to Quentin Grimes. But the pass was thrown pretty hard and as Grimes adjusted to it, he traveled. WSU took over.

After a ball out of bounds, Tyson Etienne buried a three to cut UH’s lead to 3, 23-20. Nate Hinton stepped out to inbound it as Fabian White did the same. Hinton tossed it to White who was out of bounds.

Turnover Houston.

The ESPN broadcast crew speculated that Sampson was out of the coach’s box and that’s the reason for the turnover.

On the inbound, Isaiah Poor Bear-Chandler hit a jumper to get the Shockers within one. Kelvin Sampson touched his shoulders for a 30-second timeout. It was 3:47 p.m.

From that point, it was exactly 53 minutes in real time until Wichita State hit their next field goal. Grant Sherfield buried a three-pointer at 4:40 p.m.

53 minutes! That was 14:56 of game time without hitting a shot – 17-straight misses. To start the second half, WSU missed 9-straight shots and turned it over 7 times.

That 30-second TO from Kelvin Sampson with 6:24 to play in the first half might end up as the most important timeout of the season.

In the first 27 minutes, WSU scored 27 points. Wichita scored 27 points in the last 13 minutes, too. The Shockers shot 22% in those first 27 minutes and then 45% over the last 13 minutes.

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