Bracketology Looking Good For The Coogs

I thought it was possible that the Memphis loss might hurt the Houston Cougars with some of bracketologists. But it seems we are fine – better than fine, in fact.
According to the Bracket Matrix Project UH is, on average, a 7-seed (6.95 actually) and apears in all 79 brackets they track. The Coogs are a 6- or 7-seed in 49 of the 79 brackets (and 5 more had UH even higher).
UH’s best projection: a 4-seed from a site I’ve actually never heard of. But yay TeamRankings I guess.
Joe Lunardi’s Bracketology has UH as a 7-seed facing Arizona State in Nashville.
Did you know that The Austin American Statesman has a Bracketologist? Me either! Except their guy doesn’t do an actual bracket – he just list seeds. But they still called Bracketology. Bless their hearts.
USA Today Bracketology has Houston as 6-seed also in Nashville – facing the winner of the UT/Washington play-in game.
CBS Sports has the Cougars as a 7-seed in Pittsburgh.
The worst projection for UH: a 10-seed by Brett Siegel of CollegePridePress – whatever that is. The 10-seed is actually a spot higher than he had the Coogs last week.


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