National Reaction to the Kendal Briles Hiring

The reaction to the hire is playing out pretty much how you’d expect. But the arguments are pretty flimsy so far.

Trying to slide it in 60 hours before the title game? Really? This from the guy that believes college football is being driven into a ditch by Arizona firing a womanizer and $100 million programs paying assistant coaches the market rate. A Saturday announcement ensures coverage in Sunday newspapers, the most widely circulated of the week. But that doesn’t fit Dan’s agenda.

I’ll talk about it!

In a section titled, “The culture of sexual violence at Baylor: Recruiting,” the lawsuit states:

Not only were BAYLOR’s football coaching staff instrumental in actively implementing these recruiting policies and practices, they also encouraged them. Assistant Coach Kendall Briles, while recruiting one Dallas area high school athlete stated, “Do you like white women? Because we have a lot of them at BAYLOR and they LOVE football players.

The lawsuit tries to implicate that Kendal enabled rape solely based off of a Twitter direct message. While ungentlemanly, the DM doesn’t rise to “actively implementing” or “encouraging” sexual violence.

Kendal’s DM was included only for shock value. If the word ‘white’ were stricken from his message it would have never been in the lawsuit.

I can agree with risky. But in the 2.5 years since the Texas Monthly story brought the Baylor situation to light, nothing has even hinted that Kendal Briles was involved in the mess or any cover-up. Calling the hire irresponsible is, well, irresponsible.

You mean eating food from a company with herbicide in it’s product while watching a telecast featuring stars that have remained silent for decades on sexual assault while tweeting about it on a product made with child labor?


Translation: the reaction from other sports writers. All the voices in the echo chamber make the same sound.

Funny you should ask. Kendal brings an offense that was:

  • 8th in scoring
  • T-5th in first downs
  • 6th in rushing offense
  • 8th in redzone offense
  • 9th in total offense
  • 18th in pass efficiency.

And he transformed an RB from a 12 TD guy in 2016 into a 33 TD monster in 2017 (led the nation in TDs & 4th in yards).

Now, compare that to UH’s 2017 Tryptophan Offense. See? He contributes *something*

If you can show where he was complicit in the illegal activity at Baylor, I’ll be the first person to insist UH fires him. The first.

See? He’s gone if anything comes out.

LSU fans really wanted Kendal but that was shutdown on Friday by the AD, Step Slow Joe. Saturday morning, UH had a deal with him.

This is a Houston sports (radio?) host that I’ve honestly never heard of. It was merely shameful when FAU hired Briles but UH’s decision was both disgraceful and shameful. Sometime in the past year, hiring Kendal has also become disgraceful.