Writer Michael Baumann Has The Perfect Take on Ed Oliver

During the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, I missed this story from The Ringer. Our 2017 Preseason College Football Lettermen gives one writer’s viewpoint on the country’s best player at each position.

Ed Oliver was featured as the top defensive lineman. Obviously. Chosen to describe #Ed4Heisman was writer Michael Baumann (@MJ_Baumann on Twitter). Baumann is quite prolific: in the last week, he’s written about women’s hockey, the mess with the Mavericks, and the San Diego Padres. He has a fun, folksy style that makes reading stories I don’t even care about worth the time.

In just 225 words, Baumann comes up with several great lines about Ed. My favorite 3:

Ed Oliver chose to stay home and go to the University of Houston, where he ultimately changed his position from defensive tackle to whatever spot lines up in Lamar Jackson’s lap.

Oliver is a cross between La’roi Glover and an extremely happy bear who can read minds.

I love this fortress of a man so much and I want him to shake me to death

I’m going to make it my mission in the next few days to get in touch with Baumann and see if we can get him to do a full-length feature on Ed before the 2018 season. He’s the guy that should write the definitive piece on our extremely happy bear.


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