NY6 Or Bust: The Other Cougar Bowl Options Aren’t Great


With a mediocre bowl line-up attached to the American Athletic Conference in 2018, the fate of the UH season could be decided by week 3 if the Coogs stumble early.
If UH were to lose to either Arizona or Texas Tech, the Cougars would fall behind a host of teams in the race to get the G5 spot in the NY6 games. Even with an AAC title, the Coogs would likely be in line to get one of the AAC bowls:

The Birmingham Bowl trophy is, uhhh, different.

– Armed Forces Bowl vs. Big 12
– Bahamas Bowl vs. Conference USA
– Birmingham Bowl vs. SEC
– Cure Bowl vs. Sun Belt
– Frisco Bowl vs. MAC
– Gasparillia Bowl vs. Conference USA
– Military Bowl vs. ACC
More than any other league, the AAC tries to match bowls to a team’s geography. UH will likely never be sent to the Military Bowl in Maryland if Navy, Temple, UConn, Cincinnati, or ECU are available. The same is true for the Gasparillia Bowl in Orlando. The Bahamas Bowl is a wildcard but facing a C-USA team is less than ideal.
If UH fails to get the NY6 bid, the Coogs would probably be relegated to another trip to Fort Worth or the Frisco Bowl. UH has played in 4 Armed Forces Bowls since 2005 (2-2 record). The Frisco Bowl is just 1 season old.
To see what UH needs to do to get the NY6 bid, read our story here.


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