The 2021 season so far: by the numbers

Tune and McCaskill celebrate / Photo by Mario Puente

Alton McCaskill had two rushing TDs and a receiving TD against Rice. He is the first player to do that since Charles Sims vs. SMU in 2012. He’s just the fifth player in UH history to have 2+ rushing TDs and a receiving score in the same game. Charles Sims and Lamar Smith each did it twice.

UH is 0-9 vs. current and future Big 12 teams since 2016. Dana Holgorsen is 0-6 vs. the “New Big 12” and 0-7 if you include OU.

The seven losses to the current/future Big 12 are by an average of 19 ppg and none have been closer than 15 points. The most the Cougars have scored against Big 12 opponents under Dana actually came against OU in his first game. The Coogs scored 31 that day in Norman (lost by 18).

As the UH coach, Tom Herman went 5-0 against current and future Big 12 teams.

Have we mentioned how bad Rice is? The Owls’ 212 yards are the fewest given up by UH to an FBS team in a game since UAB in 2007. UAB was also six coaches ago – UH has had almost as many coaches as Rice had points Saturday night.

Fewest Yards Given Up To FBS Opponent (2007-2021)
Rice (2021): 212
UAB (2007): 224
UCF (2014): 228
SDSU (2016): 255
UTSA (2014): 264
Hawaii (2020): 267
Memphis (2020): 310

Have we mentioned how good the defense has been? In three of UH’s last four games, the defense has allowed 310 yards or less. Between Rice, Tech, Hawaii, and Memphis, the defense gave up 1165 yards (291.25 ypg) yet the Cougars went 1-3.

UConn might be the most helpless program in the country and that’s…a shame. Things are so bad that they’ve turned to Noel Mazzone for help. Mazzone is being paid $2,500 for 7 days of work in Storrs to help “right” the offense. UConn has not scored against an FBS opponent in 8 quarters this season and also lost to FCS Holy Cross.

Backstory: When Kevin Sumlin was introduced at UH in December 2007, his first move was to hire Noel Mazzone as his OC. But Mazzone couldn’t get out of his contract with the New York Jets so Sumlin went to his 2nd choice, the passing game coordinator at Texas Tech, Dana Holgorsen. Holgorsen brought along Kliff Kingsbury as a quality control assistant. Kliff became the OC when Holgorsen left for Oklahoma State.

Holgorsen and Kingsbury led the UH offense for four years, scoring 2261 points in 53 games (42.67 ppg). To compare, in Mazzone’s last 74 games, spanning 6.5 years, his offenses have scored 2272 points (30.7 ppg). The last 55 of those games, Mazzone was the offensive coordinator under Kevin Sumlin at A&M and then Arizona.

By getting lucky that his friend couldn’t leave his job, Kevin Sumlin hired Dana and Kliff who made him over $45,000,000. His ol’ buddy Noel Mazzone got him fired twice in 36 months.

And now Noel is going to “right” UConn. I’m sure it will be fine.

Alex Hogan’s 91-yard pick-six was the 5th longest in UH history.

The bottom six scoring teams in FBS right now are Rice, USF, ULM, UConn, Washington, Navy. Meaning 1/3 of the UH schedule is in the bottom six, between 5-12 points per game.

That doesn’t include Grambling, who is averaging 8 ppg. That’s 104th out of 110 FCS teams.

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