Kendal Briles By The Numbers Football 

By The Numbers: How Kendal Briles Has Transformed The UH Offense

The difference is staggering.   Everyone that’s paying attention to UH football knows the offense looks nothing like the mess we saw in 2017. But when it’s directly compared to last season it looks even more ridiculous.   Major Applewhite’s hire of Kendal Briles will go down as the best personnel decision he ever made at Houston. It also shows… Read More
DEriq King By The Numbers Cougar Film Room Football 

Film Room: D’Eriq King’s Spray Charts

After the Arizona game, I started thinking about how D’Eriq King doesn’t see the deep-middle of the field (20+ yards) when he’s in the pocket. It’s not too surprising – quarterbacks with just a handful of starts at this level often have that issue.   So I decided to investigate. I went back and watched every snap of the first… Read More