Cougar Fight Song versions and that 2005 trip to Lafayette


Cougar Content Creators is worth a watch

What’s your favorite version of the Cougar Fight Song? Do you remember going to Lafayette to play Tulane in 2005? That was 18 years ago today.

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Waterlogged. Edit: I’m dumb. I conflated 2003 vs. Louisiana and 2005 vs. Tulane in Lafayette. The article has been updated.

Today, in 2005, UH fans traveled to Lafayette to watch the Cougars beat Tulane, 35-14, at Cajun Field in Lafayette. The game was moved due to Hurricane Katrina’s damage to the Superdome.

It was a 7-7 game at halftime after Ryan Gilbert ran for a first-quarter score. He punched it in twice more in the third and then Jackie Battle added another. Kevin Kolb scored midway through the 4th. Gilbert finished with three TDs and 130 yards.


Cougar Content Creators. If you missed this on Friday, maybe today is the day to watch/listen. It’s the first part of our interviews with UH content creators, getting to know them, their backstories, and how they got into covering UH. I talked with Andy Yanez from Let’s Rage Coogs, Parker Ainsworth from Locked on Coogs, Kris Gardner from Houston Roundball Review, Stars Leland from Cougar After Thoughts, and Dustin, Sam, and Bobby from Scott & Holman Pawdcast.

Our first idea was to bring them together for one show, which proved unwieldy. What we did is actually pretty good:


Favorite. I discovered this about a week ago and have been playing it ever since. It’s a 1979 recording of the Cougar Fight Song, arranged by Dr. Bill Moffit:

Compare it to the 1997 version, conducted by Dr. Robert Mayes:

And the official UH version of today:

I don’t know what you call it, per se, but the 1979 version sounds more rich and flavorful.

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