The GoCoogs Guide To Super Tuesday

Many groups put out a voter guide to help their constituencies make informed decisions on election day. GoCoogs has decided to do the same. But we are endorsing just one candidate in one race. Here is our handy primary guide for Super Tuesday 2020:

GoCoogs is proud to endorse Kelvin Dale Sampson for President. Here are our reasons:
He’s a family man:

He’s playful:

People love working with him:

He’s a good public speaker:

He has crossover appeal – important in any election:

He’s a worker. He’s not dressed to impress:

He unites people:

He mentors local youths:

He’s a great dancer:

Ok, not really.
He’s always trying to learn:

He stimulates the local economy by bringing in out-of-towners:

And he’s a chef? Who knew!?! Add it to the list!
He’s playful when he’s exasperated:

He’s a thinker:

He wants you to be excited when he’s excited:

He’s a teacher:

He’s a climber:


He’s a good father:

He’s well spoken. He sounds out his Ooooooooo’s:

He’s excitable:

And most importantly, he’s one of us:


Click here to get your Kelvin for President 2020 t-shirt from the GoCoogs shop:

BIG thanks to Mario Puente and Trevor Nolley for their photos.