UH headed back to the Top 10 after UCF win

Gorham, Mark, and Roberts go up for the rebound / Photo by Mario Puente

The Houston Cougars came to play.

UH took a 6-0 lead before a DeJon Jarreau steal and a Quentin Grimes three-pointer forced UCF coach Johnny Dawkins to call a 30-second timeout. Little did he know that 145 seconds into the game, it would be the last possession of the game where UCF trailed by fewer than 10.

After the timeout, Dawkins’ team went down the floor, had the ball stolen again (this time by Brison Gresham) before a Jarreau three made it 12-0.

The opening sequence was a Knightmare:

UH 3-pointer (assist)
UCF miss
UH 3-pointer (assist)
UH steal
UH 3-pointer (assist)
UCF timeout
UH steal
UH 3-pointer

At 12-0, UH had more steals than UCF had shot attempts. And on it went as the Cougars played 11 guys while cruising to a 75-58 victory at Fertitta Center.

With the win, UH is 4th in Sagarin, #6 in the NCAA NET, 8th in ESPN BPI, and 9th in KenPom. On Monday, the Cougars will move back into the top-ten in the AP and Coaches polls.

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