Big Ed, Rob, Duke & Seth: Wild Day For the Coogs


On a day where men’s golf and swimming were the only teams in action, it was an eventful day for UH Athletics. First day of spring football, Big Ed’s big announcement, major recognition for basketball’s leader, a sad announcement from another football player, and a predictable issue for a former Cougar baseball player.
Spring football began with players in shells (helmets & no pads) with basic skills and drills and implementing parts of the new offense. Major said the focus this season would be on ball security – something that should be the focus every season.
Ed Oliver told the world what we already knew: he’s leaving after 2018. I don’t recall a player ever coming out and saying that but the honesty is refreshing. I’m curious to see how the announcement influences everything from coaching decisions to how he is perceived in the national media. Worth keeping an eye on.
“I want to compete for the Heisman,” Big Ed said. “There’s a lot on my plate I want to achieve.”
We’ve got your back, big man. #Ed4Heisman


In other football news, Duke Catalon retired from football citing personal reasons. This has been hinted at since December and shouldn’t come as a surprise to the coaching staff. Duke suffered numerous concussions in his career and this is a sensible decision on his part. Good luck, Duke.
As expected, Rob Gray was named First-Team All-Conference for the 2nd year in a row. Rob was the team’s pulse this season as the Coogs finished with a 24-6 regular-season record. Great accomplishment for a great Cougar.


And in news that should surprise no one, Seth Romero is in trouble again – much like his 3 years at UH. Seth acted like a punk most of his time here – he always thought the rules didn’t apply to him.  He was a bad teammate, selfish, and disliked in the clubhouse.
Seth was just an average talent until Frank Anderson turned him into a first-round pick. But once again, he’s let his attitude get the best of him. In his first spring training as a pro, Romero was sent home by the Washington Nationals – almost unprecedented for a first-round pick.

Romero was seen at the Sunday game vs Holy Cross before heading to Spring Training – just 2 weeks ago. ESPN reports he didn’t violate MLB rules (read: pot) so he must have just acted like Seth again.



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