Great Call And Execution: Brandon Campbell TD Run


Run blocking has been a big mess for the Cougars this year. The numbers suggest all five linemen have been ineffective for most of the season. Dana Holgorsen had hinted that a change might be coming, and we saw that Saturday.

Tank Jenkins has been a stalwart at right guard for the Cougars, so it is notable that transfer Tyler Johnson started both halves and played 62 of 70 offensive snaps. Monday, Holgorsen said Johnson won the spot.

“It’s competition,” Holgorsen said. “I thought Tyler played decent. I was happy with that.”

Jenkins had played every snap in the first two weeks, but Johnson showed he is capable. An example of that is this play from the second drive of the Kansas game. It was an excellent play call and great execution. Didn’t see much of that this week, so you have to appreciate it when you see it.

The setup: the KU safety is playing up on the right side, so Tune calls for TE Matt Byrnes to motion across, forcing the safeties to switch. Tune reads #5 and gets him to bite upfield, which Tune continues to sell beyond the mesh point.

At right guard, Johnson is responsible for moving the defensive tackle. He got a little help here from Jack Freeman, and you barely even see the DT after the snap. They opened a massive hole for Brandon Campbell to step through as he went up the right side for six.

There have not been holes like that to run through all season; in fact, it was just the second rushing TD from a running back all year. Campbell’s speed and power were perfect for the play, but, unfortunately, he was nicked up on the next drive and did not play after that. When healthy, I expect to see a lot more of him.

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