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CoogQuiz #1: Results

Our first CoogQuiz had 55 contestants. UH fan Bryan won by getting 80% correct. Here are the answers for all 10 questions:

Kevin Kolb went for 400/100 against TCU in 2003. And the 6 players that led UH in scoring 3 times:

Lloyd Hendriz (49-51)
Elvin Hayes (66-68)
Otis Birdsong (75-77)
Rob Williams (80-82)
Tim Moore (94-96)
Rob Gray (16-18)

Guy V. Lewis beat #1 Arkansas on February 18, 1978. It’s the last time the Cougars have beaten #1 – it’s been over 40 years.

And the Coogs are 7-3 in one-point games. We’ll have a full story on that later this week.

The Coogs finished #1 in the AP Poll in 1968 and 1983. The AP released their final poll before the tournament in those years.

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