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dos Coogs: New Contracts & NewShasta® (Free)

Two Coog Fans. Two Sports. Two Topics. Two Takes.   Today, dos Coogs lets loose on topics that are threatening our Christmas spirit.   Brad Towns – Future Mall Santa: Great news!  Kendal Briles agreed to a raise and extension.  Extra good news: Randy Clements got a raise and extension as well. Combined with Major Applewhite, the long term deals break… Read More
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Tulsa Game Brings Attendance Back To The Forefront

If we are being honest, there were not 25,000 people in the stands vs. Tulsa. Here’s what it looked like midway through the 2nd quarter after the full crowd had arrived: The west end zone (below where these pictures were taken) was pretty sparse as well. Game Times Like most people, I’m not sure what to do about attendance. Most… Read More
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UH Athletics Has a Communications Problem

RANT: It’s hard for UH to draw attention to ourselves. We live in a market where the local media are obsessed with pro sports. So it’s important that our fans, and especially our communications (formerly SID) staff, gets basic information correct. An example: Men’s basketball is ranked for the first time since 2005. That’s 12 years. But you wouldn’t know… Read More
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Insane Week Ahead: 19 Sporting Events On-Tap For the Coogs

This is the crazy time of year: in the next week, nine Cougar teams will take part in 19 matches, tournaments, games, and events from California to Florida. Women’s basketball, men’s basketball, women’s indoor track and field, tennis, golf, baseball, women’s golf, softball, and men’s indoor track and field will all compete. It starts tonight as women’s basketball has a… Read More