Coogs VS. Temple Keys & Senior Class Stats (FREE!)

Three things we’re watching for vs. Temple:

1. Does Ed Oliver play?

This is an obvious one but with a few DL dinged up last week, Temple is definitely going to run right at us. They’ll want to test the legs of Fleming and Oliver and they’ll certainly want to test the backups. Also, recall that Temple cut blocked Ed last year so he might think twice about suiting up today.

2. D’Eriq’s Rhytym

SMU was in King’s head last week and he never adjusted. He never looked comfortable. A part of that is on the coaching staff for not getting his head right or into the correct reads.
After a week of practice, do we see the King from the first 8 weeks or the one from Dallas? Watch for Briles to get him a couple of short throws early to build confidence along with a few designed runs.

3. D’Onofrio’s Motivation

Is it business as usual for the defense or does the embattled DC attack more? He should be fighting for his job or at least trying to make a good impression for his next employer. After the two biggest disasters of his UH career (Tulsa 2017, Texas Tech 2018), D’Onofrio’s defense shut out the next opponent in the first half.
Of course, Memphis then scored 42 in the 2nd half to beat us.
D’Onofrio played at Penn State and spent 11 of his first 12 seasons coaching in the Philly/Jersey/Mid-Atlantic area, including 5 years as Temple’s DC. It’s worth noting that the 2017 Temple game was the second-lowest point-total he’s given up in his time at UH (Rice 2017).

A Few Notes About The 2018 Senior Class

The 2018 senior class is 2 wins away from tying for the most in school history.
Top 5 senior classes by wins:

2016: 38 wins
2017: 37 wins
2009: 37 wins
2018: 36 wins
2011: 36 wins
1979: 36 wins
This senior class is also 22-2 in home games.

2018 – 4-0
2017 – 4-2
2016 – 6-0
2015 – 8-0
Total: 22-2
A win today would match the school record for most home wins in a four-year stretch. That was accomplished by the 2009 senior class.

2009 – 6-0
2008 – 5-1
2007 – 5-1
2006 – 7-1
Total: 23-3
With wins over Temple and Tulane, this senior class moves ahead of them in home wins and winning percenatage.
The current group is tied with the 1973 senior class.

1970 – 5-1
1971 – 6-0
1972 – 5-1
1973 – 6-0
Total – 22-2

Cover Photo By Mario Puente


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