Part 2: Countering SMU’s Tampa 2 Defense

In our film room study, we looked at the SMU defense and offered a few thoughts on how UH could have beaten it. Here, we’ll look at specific ways to counter the Tampa 2.
The point of running this offense – where no running back or receiver is featured – is that it’s supposed to work against any defense. Even if someone is out or having a bad day.
And sure, we’ve put up a lot of points and big offensive numbers but we’ve also seen this offense stumble for long periods: Rice first-half, Arizona for a half, Tulsa for 3 quarters, and the 2nd/3rd quarters vs ECU.
Saturday night was much of the same: we had one offensive touchdown through 47 minutes vs SMU. We brought in a whiz kid with an offense that’s supposed to be good for all situations. Why is it not working out that way?


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