Dane Roy Podcast: UCF, OU 2016, & “Alphonse” D’Onofrio

Dane Roy – Memphis game 2019 [Mario Puente]

The Dane Roy Podcast is back this week discussing a range of topics, including:

– the UCF game,
– Grant Stuard,
– Mulbah Car,
– the coffin kick,
– the OU game in 2016,
– horse racing,
– kicking in front of his family,
– his golf game,
– how he warmed up before the game & at halftime,
– playing the wind at TDECU,
– 3rd & 18,
– “Alphonse” D’Onofrio,
– and more!



Check out Dane Roy’s Taking A Punt podcast, tracking the story of his life and his journey to the University of Houston.


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