D’Eriq King’s Redshirt: A Timeline

D'Eriq King before the PV game
D’Eriq King before the PV game / Photo by Mario Puente

Here’s the timeline of information that GoCoogs has put together about the redshirting of D’Eriq King. We offer original sourcing when possible. This timeline is developing:

In the days leading up to the Tulane game

Eric King calls Chris Pezman to alert him that if UH loses to Tulane, his son D’Eriq is shutting down his season with the intent to redshirt and transfer.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

UH loses to Tulane on a dramatic, last-second play. On UH’s last offensive snap, King’s fade pass to Corbin in the end zone was dropped.

Friday, September 20

Dana Holgorsen says he and D’Eriq sit down with King to discuss the possibility of a redshirt.

Monday, September 23

11:00 a.m. – Dana meets with the media at 11 a.m. Nothing about the plan is revealed. Nothing about King or Corbin is even said in the press conference.

1:52 p.m. – Joseph Duarte breaks the news that D’Eriq King is redshirting


2:01 – Mark Berman tweets comments from Eric King, D’Eriq’s father:


2:13 – Berman tweets comments from D’Eriq King. The QB is quoted as saying that he needs to decide if “I want to be here or redshirt.”

King mentions “a bunch of other guys as well” will redshirt.


4:19 – Duarte reports that D’Eriq King intends to remain in the program.


4:24 – Berman reports that Keith Corbin will also redshirt.


4:26 – UH emails a statement to members of the media saying King and Corbin


Tuesday, September 24

UH schedules a press conference for 3:30 p.m. to address the situation. Dana Holgorsen, D’Eriq King, and Keith Corbin are scheduled to speak.

3:30 – Dana opens the press conference by saying he wasn’t ready to comment on the subject on Monday.


3:33 – Duarte confirms that Clayton Tune will start Saturday vs. UNT.


3:33 – Dana says Corbin and King will be involved in the team going forward including meetings and, as for King, as an “awesome sounding board for Clayton Tune.”

3:33 – Brian T. Smith uploads video of Dana saying that he spoke to King and Corbin over the weekend then clarifies that it happened Friday:


3:34 – When asked about people saying they’ve written off the season, Dana says that he “can’t wrap my mind around that.” (Youtube)

3:35 – “We’re not currently in a very good spot” when it comes to competing for championships, Dana says. (Youtube)

3:37 – Asked if he’s had the redshirt conversation with everyone that has not used it, Dana says, “Everybody’s different. Everybody’s different. I’ve had this conversation with a good bit of them.”

3:41 – “I’m not recruiting a transfer because he’s in our program,” Dana says of Clayton Tune.

3:41 – Asked if there’s any concern that another school might “get in (King’s) ear to draw him away,” Dana chuckles and says, “yeah.”

He continues: “He’s a special player and there’s a lot of coaches out there that cheat.” He goes on “All indications are he’s not going in the transfer portal.” (Youtube)

3:43 – Dana on who initiated the conversation: “D’Eriq was pretty upset after the game. So I brought him in first thing on Friday morning and we talked. I presented every option that was available out there.”

3:44 – When asked if any player has been upset about this, Dana says, “No, I don’t think so. I don’t think so.”

3:46 – King says reports of him leaving were fake news.


3:46 – King says: “I think words might’ve gotten twisted up” in reference to his dad. He declares that “he never said that, I can assure you he never said that” in reference to Berman’s initial two tweets quoting Eric King on Monday.


3:48 – Dayon Dunlap uploads video of King saying he “never thought about leaving, never thought about transferring.”


4:37 – Mark Berman uploads video of AD Chris Pezman warning other schools to not attempt to recruit Corbin or King or they will face the consequences.


Saturday, September 28

Clayton Tune leads the Cougars to a 46-25 win over UNT in Denton. Tune is hurt late in the game on a 55-yard run.

Early in the bye week

Offensive lineman Justin Murphy physically confronts King over the redshirting decision. At least one player described it as a fight. Murphy is suspended.

October 10

In a somewhat-misleading tweetstorm, Justin Murphy announces that he is leaving the program.

December 12

D’Eriq King graduates from UH.

Later in December

King applies for post-baccalaurate studies at UH. His intention is to do online-only classes.

January 12, 2020

D’Eriq King removes himself from a team-wide group-text that he leads. He assigned another player to lead it.

January 13, 2020

Under the cover of the national championship game, or perhaps using the game to amplify his decision and get more publicity, King announces that he has entered the transfer portal.

Less than 20 minutes later, Dana Holgorsen signals that he has moved on:


January 16, 2020

D’Eriq King travels to Miami to visit The U.

January 20, 2020

A day after news broke that he’d committed to Miami, King makes it public.




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