Film Room: The Red Zone Sequence In The 3rd Quarter

Chandler Smith rushed for 7 yards on 3rd down to get the Coogs a first-and-ten at the 12-yard line. Down 17 in the 3rd quarter, UH needed to punch it in to start the Cougar comeback.
But things broke down immediately thereafter. Facing 5 safeties across, D’Eriq King made 3 interesting reads on three-straight plays before a false start penalty forced a FG try.
Let’s dive into this series and look at what the Coogs faced:

1st & 10 from the 12

On first down, King has 7 blockers in front of him against 3 DL and 3 LBs for SMU.

1st and 10
1st and 10 from the 12 – click any photo to expand

When you have a numbers advantage, you run right? But there’s a few issues with that thinking in this particular situation


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