Film Study: mistakes pile up on the pick-six

Clayton Tune, two holds, & a pancake / Photo by Mario Puente

On the first two snaps of the Tulane game, Clayton Tune was on point. On the game’s first play, he found Marquez Stevenson matched up with a safety and hit him in-stride down the left sideline. He connected with Corbin on a quick, four-yard stop route on the next play and the Cougars were nearing the Tulane 40.

But on 2nd and 6, facing just four rushers, Tune panicked a bit in the pocket. Instead of stepping up, he tried to escape towards right tackle Dennis Bardwell. Bardwell was up against Tulane’s hybrid rusher, called a Joker, by the name of Patrick Johnson (#7). Johnson was working to keep outside leverage as Bardwell tried to nudge him that way, too. After a shove from Bardwell disengages him, Johnson was there to meet Tune, pressuring him to throw it away.

Tune got happy feet and should have stayed patient. Instead, he rolled out and found himself face-to-face with Johnson. In his first off-script moment, Tune created his own QB hurry.

After some miscommunication forced a timeout, the Green Wave showed blitz before UH ran a QB read focused on the reaction of the strongside linebacker. At the snap, the backer didn’t move, and Tune wisely handed it off to Porter up the middle. It was four-down territory either way which gave UH options on the 3rd down play. Porter gained two.

Fourth & Four

On fourth down, the Cougars are four-wide and will run a mesh play or shallow crossing routes from opposite sides of the field. As the Y receiver, TE Christian Trahan is split out and will set the depth for the mesh while Keith Corbin (X receiver) will run underneath him. Before he redshirted last year, Corbin the Y route on this play often.
Tulane strongside linebacker Marvin Moody…

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