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Against Auburn in the round of 32, Houston trailed by ten points at the half. Someone needed to step up, and someone did: Tramon Mark, or T-March to his friends, scored 20 second-half points to lead Houston to a blowout win.

He finished with 26 points and nine boards. Mark had a career-high in minutes, points, and FG attempts and tied his best in rebounds. It’s the sixth time he’s had eight or more rebounds in the last 12 games.

So…who is Tramon Mark?

Tramon Mark shooting the three // Photo by Mario Puente

He was in the same recruiting class as PG Jamal Shead, the two of them committing near the same time. Once Mark committed, Shead followed.

“We couldn’t wait to play games. (Jamal and I) were grinding every day in the offseason,” Mark said. “We just couldn’t wait for the season to start, and now we’re here.”

Read more about their special relationship:

Tramon Mark and Jamal Shead: childhood teammates to college roommates

We released part of the interview that led to that story:

Tramon and Jamal: the interview

On their first day of practice, Tramon slept in and missed the start of practice. He was forced to run and Kelvin Sampson forced his roommate Shead to do the same, a story Shead told HOUNIL:

Playing Point Guard For Kelvin Sampson (Part 1)

In a snarky preview for bandwagon jumpers, we said that Mark often goes unnoticed but that won’t be the case any longer:

UH Hoops 102: be smarter, Super Fan

After last year’s injury, Mark needed time to get back into the groove. Spoiler! He’s made it back. Brad Towns documents how good aggressive Mark is and how good he’s been in the last 10 seconds of the shot clock:

Tramon Mark Is Lethal Late In The Shot Clock

In the UCF game at Fertitta Center, Mark went wild, scoring 15 over a 9.5-minute stretch after being flagrantly fouled. Don’t get this man angry.

Coogs Come Back To Beat UCF, 71-65

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