Houston Haiku For Week Two

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Romello Brooker
Throws a great block and then scores
From 52 out!
D’Eriq King, bombs away!
TD to tight end Brooker,
Twenty one-zero.

Sumlin 0 and 2
Thank God for Aggie buyout
Will be a long year.
Kendal Briles offense
Space it out and run it up
Forty five both weeks!
Game on ABC
America saw Sumlin
Take it on the chin

Best running QB
Held to 8 yards by the Coogs
There went the Heisman.
9 am west coast
Sumlin hates early wake ups
Mimosa breakfast?
Why long sleeves, Kevin?
It looked good with warm-up pants,
By good I mean bad.

Lose to two G5
First start with 2 losses since
Nineteen eighty one.
Didn’t recruit King
Or Car, Carr or Stevenson
That looks dumb today.

The older you get
The more your man boobs stick out
Get a bra, Kevin.

Davis, I-N-T
Then he picks off another
Gonna be his year.
Sumlin wanted Ed
He did not want other Coogs
Now he needs Ed bad.

Sumlin’s defense sucks
Three hundred yards on the ground
Tackle boys! Please!
D’Eriq drops a dime,
Corbin there to haul it in,
Helluva throw, King.

Kevin, need a drink?
Whiskey? Or maybe a beer?
Dilly, dilly coach!

So many questions,
Why let Noel ruin Tate?
Last place in Pac-12?
Coogs gave you a shot
You left for Aggie and now
Stuck in the desert.
Bryson breakout next?
Kendal starting to trust and
More touchdowns coming.

Here’s a fashion tip
Skinny jeans aren’t a good look
You’re forty now, Kliff.

Coogs are 2 and 0,
Go to Tech to shoot it out
3 wins by Sunday.


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