Film study: Ike Ogbogu’s surprising spray chart

Ike Ogbogu in the shotgun / Photo by Mario Puente

Ike Ogbogu came in for an injured Clayton Tune and played a pretty solid game overall. He had some deficiencies and the opponent was not very good but, to be thrust into a game without even an injury timeout in order to warm up, Ogbogu delivered beginning with his first throw.

When Tune went out of the game shaken up (hamstring injury according to Holgorsen), Ike came in on a third down and made a great throw to Nathaniel Dell. Dana Holgorsen gave him an easy high-low read to start. Dell ran a simple curl with KeSean Carter running a flat route underneath giving Ike a clear throwing lane.

Credit Ike for the read and the staff for giving him a makable play on his first snap (and picking up a 3rd down). A lot of coaches would have run the ball there and punted while regrouping on the sideline.

Ike’s spray chart is considerably different than what we’ve seen from Clayton Tune. Hell, it’s noticeably different than D’Eriq King’s when he was here. As a comparison, here are the first 5 games under Dana in 2019: four starts by King and Clayton Tune starting at UNT. All passes are charted by how far the ball travels in the air, not the length of the play:

Charting the first five games of 2019

And here’s Ike’s spray chart from Saturday night:

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