Happy John Feinstein Day!

One year ago today, UH fans accomplished something remarkable: they exposed a crybaby journalist, John Feinstein, that had been mailing it in for some time. The next day, Feinstein quit his role as AP voter in a huff after going on an epic rant about how UH fans are dirtbags, the school’s SID is incompetent, and Kelvin Sampson is a cheater. He blamed UH fans for being the final straw in pushing him to quit as an AP voter.

And that should be celebrated! No one can ever take away the fact that in the same year that UH fans exposed John Feinstein, their team earned their way to the Final Four. Thank you, John!

How it starts

The 2020 Preseason AP Poll was released on November 9th and the Cougars were #17. But a closer look showed that an accomplished author, John Feinstein, did not include UH in his poll. GoCoogs.com tweeted about it but didn’t tweet at @jfeinsteinbooks because we were just speaking to the UH fan base, not trying to get involved with him.

Somehow, John found out – likely a UH fan went to him and casually asked WTF? Like most elites, he did not like his ballot or his views being questioned. Cougar fans had 100% legitimate gripes, of course. UH had been a national power for the previous three years at that point.

But Feinstein chose to stay in his ACC bubble, voting for his friends and brand names and schools that were acceptable to him. When he was challenged, he would not admit that he had goofed in the voting. Instead, he came out gunning.

If UH folks started the name calling, that’s unfortunate. But a superstar writer and TV personality should ignore it and move on. Instead, he got stupid…

When he was a voter, John often ranked Auburn much higher than other voters. Auburn is coached by Bruce Pearl, a guy that has been nailed for NCAA violations and for lying to investigators and later had an assistant arrested by the FBI for bribery and corruption. But he’s mad about Sampson? Then Feinstein got very angry at UH fans and accused them of not being able to read. A real highbrow insult:

To be clear: UH has an incredibly competent and decent man as their MBB SID, Jeff Conrad. I hate that Jeff was brought into this as he’s been a dedicated, true professional for two decades while working at the University of Houston.

Slandering the UH SID without doing 3 seconds of research is embarrassing for Feinstein. John thought that it was the school that highlighted his ignorant AP ballot. But it was GoCoogs.com, very much not the “official Houston cougar (sic) website.” If only he could read!

He then took a shot at Major Applewhite – by far our favorite target. Pile on, John!

How it ends

And then went back to hurling insults:

He woke up early the next morning to throw his pity party:

Feinstein wants UH fans to have a party. John, consider this our party: you went away angry, UH won the AAC, won the AAC Tournament, won four games in the NCAA Tournament, and made the Final Four.

John: Please note that those are gifs, moveable images that are popular on the Interwebs. They do not suggest that Kelvin Sampson and the UH basketball program are actually participating in John Feinstein Day. Please don’t lash out at them!

And predictably, he ended our love affair:

Post mortem: Feinstein came back in April after UH had made the Final Four to take another shot and one at SVP(?!?). You’re a big man, John!

Houston fans will always be appreciative of John setting the table for the Final Four run. We’ll celebrate his contributions every year on John Feinstein Day!


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