JoJo Tugler and a look behind the scenes

Kelvin Sampson runs a tight practice. Players say he is the same every day: he’s totally consistent. His exacting standards are shown to new recruits, but they never seem to grasp how demanding the practices will be. But that’s just half of it. Like most fans, some recruits think the daily grind is lifting and practice.

After the scheduled practice ends, Kelvin talks to any coaching buddies that might be in attendance, fulfills his media obligations, if any, then leaves. But as soon as he steps off the court, the real individual shooting work begins. Players typically stick around 45-60 minutes but sometimes even longer. They’ll duck out early if they have pre-scheduled academic work but usually, players enjoy working on their games with the accountability of their teammates.

The position groups conduct daily shooting drills: if three players work together, they might have to make 7/9 shots from five different spots beyond the arc. Then those three have to make 41/45 free throws. When that’s achieved, the player can stay working on individual drills or get treatment. videoed Friday’s post-practice and focused on incoming freshman Joseph “JoJo” Tugler. The 6’7″ forward from CyFalls will surely become a fan favorite for his on-court play and off-court authenticity.

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