Jordan Moore Suspended Indefinitely


Transfer safety Jordan Moore has been suspended indefinitely from the UH football program for a “university policy violation.”
Three sources have confirmed to GoCoogs the reason for the suspension but, due to the nature of the allegation, we are withholding that information for now.
What we can share is that this is not skipping class or another minor ‘in-house’ issue. It is much more serious.
In a statement to Joseph Duarte, the school said that “Jordan Moore will not play or travel with the team.”
I am comforted that this allegation was not swept under the rug like at other schools and I hope that Jordan Moore gets a fair, speedy investigation. This is an on-campus investigation as of this time – HPD and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office are not involved.

5:45 a.m. Friday update: Moore has been removed from the roster had his jersey number change since lunch on Thursday. He is now #36.

In the media guide and on, Moore has been listed as #20 since he came to campus but is now #36 if/when he gets back on the field.

Jordan Moore Jersey Switch to 36
Jordan Moore Jersey Switch to 36


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