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On Friday, the UH Board of Regents met to discuss the new contracts for associate head coach/offensive coordinator Kendal Briles and OL coach/run game coordinator Randy Clements. The Board delegated approval of the contracts to Chancellor Renu Khator, giving her authority to negotiate and sign the contracts.

If Dr. Khator has signed these contracts, and AD Chris Pezman and Kendal Briles have signed them as well, they are binding and would require Briles and Clements to pay their specified buyout amounts.
Having seen UH athletics contracts for many years, here’s how it typically goes: a term sheet with financial details and contract length is agreed upon and signed by the coach, the AD, and the school’s General Counsel.
While waiting for Board approval of a contract (or, usually, delegation of authority to the Chancellor), the contract is written up by the GC and signed by the AD and coach in question. Therefore, a contract should have been available for Dr. Khator to sign as early as Friday.

Kendal Briles Contract Term Sheet

It’s important to note that both the Briles and Clements agreements state that these are 39-month contracts. Therefore, the buyout wouldn’t be based on ‘3 years’ as some have speculated. The difference isn’t a lot (approximately $57,000 for Briles alone) but would allow UH to collect a little more from the potential buyout.
Kendal’s buyout amount is set at 50% of his remaining base salary through the duration of the contract (12/1/2018 until 2/28/2022). With a base salary of $550,000 per year, that amounts to $275,000 for each year.

When the additional 3 months of the buyout are added, the total buyout comes to $893,750. However, since the term began on December 1st, Kendal would owe about $11,458 less if he resigned today. Therefore, a resignation would require a buyout paid by Kendal Briles of $882,292 or thereabouts as of 12/9/2018.
The Briles term sheet gives the AD the ability to lower the buyout at his discretion. Theoretically, Briles could pay nothing in order to leave but I doubt that would happen. I don’t think Pezman would negotiate this amount now as it is likely to be paid by his new employer.
It should also be noted that Briles signed the term sheet on November 28, 2018, which was before his name started appearing as a candidate for these jobs. Pezman and UH General Counsel Dona Cornell also signed on that day.

Randy Clements Contract Term Sheet

Randy Clements’ deal is somewhat different from the one Briles signed. Clements base salary was not increased with the new contract. Instead, he was given an additional $110,000 yearly in non-salary compensation. Therefore his buyout did not change – it is still 50% of his $290,000 base salary.

A full buyout of the 39 month contract would be $471,250. Because he’s worked a week under this agreement, a resignation today lower that amount by a little over $3000. There is no clause for Pezman to use discretion for the Clements buyout – he would owe all of it. Clements, Pezman, and Cornell all signed the term sheet on November 28 as well.
If both resigned from UH today, UH would stand to make as much as $1,350,512. But obviously, it’d be better if they both stay and continue to build this Cougar offense.
PDF Docs: Kendal Briles Term Sheet | Randy Clements Term Sheet


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