1st Thoughts: The Major & Ed Confrontation

I’m pretty disappointed with the way Ed Oliver has represented himself and the program in recent weeks. Before Thursday night’s game, instead of standing to the side like other injured players, Oliver was showing his explosiveness – leaping to catch balls and running routes. That’s not what you want to see from an injured player.
If he’s hurt, he’s hurt. But if he was cleared to play 3 games ago and jumping around during games and in pregame, that’s not a good look. That’s a distraction.
After his confrontation with Major Applewhite heading to the half, I’d be surprised to see him in Memphis next week. And I think UH fans, once they see the incident, will overwhelmingly side with the head coach here.

Ed Oliver reacts to Major Applewhite

I haven’t always been Major’s biggest fan. I didn’t like either of his first-year coordinators and think D’Onofrio will get run-off 10 days from now.
But Major’s had some static recently with Ed. Tonight, Major tried to take his program back. He tried to assert himself as the head coach. Rules are rules but this wasn’t about a coat. This was about a team and about a program that still has plenty to play for.
Let’s also be clear: the media is already portraying it as a bad look for Applewhite. I couldn’t disagree more. And the proof is how his team reacted.
After losing their starting QB and after the Oliver altercation, the team came out in the 3rd quarter and really responded. Lots of energy, lots of effort, and a real focus after two potential season-crippling incidents. The team’s response is the most encouraging thing I’ve seen in 6 weeks.
Here’s to this team regrouping, SMU losing Friday night, and UH playing for a conference title on Black Friday.


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