My favorite memory: 7 weeks at #1


I think it is pretty easy to figure out 10 memorable moments for this season, but everyone will have their most special. I’ve asked GoCoogs contributors to share their favorite memories of this team and we’ll do that over the next few articles. These are ours and will probably differ from yours.

Today, I’ll share my #1 memory. Which is easy to figure: The seven weeks Houston spent at #1 in the country.

Every week, my phone buzzed for the “AP Poll” notification, set to go off at 11 a.m. on Monday. I’d scour Twitter for info from AP journalists, ready to post one of our pre-made graphics. Obviously, this was my favorite:

Jamal Shead is #1 // original photo by Mario Puente

but this one was pretty high up there, too:

In 1967-68, Houston spent the entire season either #1 or #2. They were #2 until the Game of the Century and, after winning that, vaulted to #1 where they stayed. In 1966-67, UH was ranked in the top 10 in every poll as well as in 1983-84.

But 2022-23 was the first season since Elvin and Chaney’s last year that UH spent the entire season in the top five (this UH team also had an Elvin and a Chaney).

The 37 games in the top five pushed UH to over 100 wins as a top-five team and bumped the school’s winning percentage to over 85% in those games.

22-23 Top-5 RecordNew All-Time Top-5 RecordAll-Time Winning %

This was one of the most prolific years in Cougar history and while it did not end in the storybook Final Four in Houston, it is still a season to celebrate.

Would you like to participate? We expect to soon have an article with fan submissions of their favorite memories from the season.

Thank you for reading and following along this season!

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