Beyond the box score: the Navy game


Owens and Williams on the PI call / Photo by Mario Puente

How do you explain Houston’s slow starts in the first three games? The Cougars have been outscored 38-13 in the first quarter this year and opponents average over 3 yards a snap more (8.2 to 5.1 ypp). So where’s the glaring problem? 3rd down.

To this point, UH is just 1/10 on third down in the first quarter for 22 total yards (opponents are 6/9 for 73 yards). The Coogs have been equally bad running or throwing in this scenario: Of the 10 attempts, 5 have been runs (8 yards & 0 conversions) and 5 have been passes (2/5 for 14 yards and 1 conversion). Add in three turnovers and 62 penalty yards and it’s easy to see the problem.

Tuned in: Beginning on the 4th drive, Tune went to work. He completed 10-straight passes…

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