The Offensive Line Struggled With Tulane

Tulane ran 54 plays with 10 of those being incomplete passes. So 44 plays plus they returned three kicks, meaning 47 tackling opportunities. The Cougars had (approximately) 13 missed tackles in those 47 plays. Not good.

UH has scored more in overtime (26 points) than in either the first quarter (21) or the second quarter (20).

Anatomy of a Blown Drive

Late in the first half, UH started a drive with a gain of 9, but followed it with a holding penalty. Tank Jenkins was in on six run blocks during the game, and on this 2nd and 1, he ran straight by the linebacker (#1) and lurched at and grabbed him when it was too late. Easy holding call.

The penalty could have been called on Lance Robinson, too, who engaged with the DT (#0) before pulling him down as Henry got to the second level.

Then Tune hit Golden for 18 and a first down but followed that with another hold as Patrick Paul was flagged for poor technique. The rule says the hands and arms “shall not be used to grasp, pull, hook, clamp or encircle in any way that illegally impedes or illegally obstructs an opponent.” While difficult to see from this camera position, you can see that Paul has him on the front and the back.

You can get away with this sometimes on the backside of the play but not when the ball carrier runs right by you.

Three plays after that, the linebacker (#2) comes on a blitz, and Henry picks him up and seemingly eliminates him from the play. But the LB gets back up, right at the time Tune takes off right at him, taking the sack.

Officially, the drive was six plays for seven yards, but 19 yards in penalties and a six-yard sack mask the nice plays by Brown and Golden.

UH is 94th in the country in pass block efficiency, while Clayton Tune has thrown for 300 yards just once in the last 10 games (UConn 2021). The Cougars are 75th in yards per attempt and 84th in yards per completion.

UH ran it 48 times against Tulane for 175 yards (3.6 ypc). The 48 carries is the second most in Dana Holgorsen’s tenure (49 at UCF, 2019). UH is 90th nationally in yards per carry and 104th in rushing touchdowns.

UH is still perfect in the penalty department:

131st in penalties
131st in penalties per game
131st penalty yards
131st in penalty yards per game

UH is 114th in passing yards allowed, 114 in first down defense, and 116 in scoring defense. The scoring defense is skewed by the overtime games. Without OT, UH would be 84th in scoring defense.

Where are the Cougars good?

Net punting (7th nationally), punt returns (19th), TFLs (15th), defensive sacks (25th), and defensive TDs (5th).

The only stat on offense where UH ranks in the top 25 is 3rd down conversions (15th)

The one that sticks out the most is scoring offense. UH is 68th (bottom half).

UH Scoring Offense Nationally Since Dana Was Hired as OC

YearNational Rank

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