Talk1n’ Bout Them Cougars: Episode 1

The new Talkin’ About Them Cougars show is a joint effort between and The show will provide a mix of regular GoCoogs content as well as HOUNIL athlete-created content.

Some episodes will be “long,” like today. Some will be 5-7 minutes, either wrapping up a game or talking about a UH-world situation. But we promise to be informational and, hopefully, entertaining!

Talkin’ Bout Them Cougars is the Podcast focused on UH Athletics.

:36 – Opening remarks about the #1 Houston Cougars
2:50 – Senior Foreign Correspondent debuts his segment
22:50 – HOUNIL information
24:37 – J’Wan Roberts and Galen Robinson’s conversation
29:45 – Jamal Shead – post-practice video from Monday, 11/28

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