Talkin’ Bout Them Cougars: goodbye, Alton



After Alton McCaskill entered the portal, Brad and Ryan discussed his move and where that left the Houston Cougars heading into the 2023 season.

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:00 intro
:25 Talkin’ bout Alton
2:59 Losing your best player
5:52 Tweet drama between players and former players
8:10 Coming up with our own All-Conference team
9:58 There’s a problem in the program
15:35 How it got to this point
17:57 The NIL component
22:47 Other possible reasons for the transfer
25:57 Coaching changes
34:15 Recruiting your roster every year
36:56 Comparing to Charles Sims situation
38:43 Losing offensive players at every spot
39:59 UTSA and imagining a new use for the River Walk

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