Talkin’ Bout getting the next coach right

This is the defining moment for the University of Houston football program. Now that the Dana Holgorsen era has ended, it is time for UH to get serious about the next hire and the future of UH football. This program cannot make another bad decision. This is now the third coach that has been fired out of the last four hires.

The next hire has to be right. Someone who is a leader who has a plan specific to UH and a long-term vision. Someone who can establish a defined culture of excellence, who will live up to those standards every day, and who can develop young men to follow his lead.

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It would be easy to limit the search to just a small group of obvious choices.  But the UH administration should go beyond that.  Talk to everyone who is open to the opportunity.  At worst, that process would solidify the decision to hire one of the early favorites.  But they might find someone they had overlooked.

Today’s Talkin’ Bout Them Cougars podcast discusses all of this. (Listen to Part 1).




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