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Little bit of a mental health day today (but we still, somehow, published four pieces of content). Football and basketball on the mind this evening, though.

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The DL. The football depth chart doesn’t mean all that much, but sometimes it gives a few tidbits. Chidozie Nwankwo was injured Saturday, and it is believed that Jaramee Caldwell was, too. Both are backups this week. Sedrick Williams, who I’ve not heard anything about being hurt, is not even on the depth chart for Rice. He played only 28 of 71 defensive snaps, though.

Chidozie and Sedrick were expected to start against UTSA, but neither did. Dana said on Monday that he “didn’t want to get into” why Chidozie didn’t start, but Williams did not come up.

32. I was at the Athletics/Alumni Center last week, left the communications office, and went through the middle of the building and down the stairs to get to the fieldhouse. The stairs dump you right next to the track and field locker room.

As I pushed open the door at the bottom of the stairs, I turned and saw this:

I wasn’t expecting it, but I hope they leave it. Reggie was a warrior.

His memorial service is Saturday. The entire team and coaching staff will be flying up for it.

The League. The Big 12 had about as bad a week as you can have. Upsets, poor performances, you name it. They were the only P5 league not to beat a team from another P5 team. A lot of chances this week: Illinois and Kansas, Utah at Baylor, Iowa at Iowa State, Cincinnati at Pitt, Oregon at Texas Tech, Oklahoma State at Arizona State, and Texas at Alabama. Those who overreact to week one’s results will be just as surprised this week when a few B12 teams snag a ‘surprising’ win.

FYI: UH and UCF are the only two Big 12 teams that won’t play a P5 team this season. Both received one-year waivers from the requirement.

The Offseason. I did a radio interview with a station in Iowa today. Three days after the first football game of the season, and they wanted to talk basketball! I was all out of sorts. This after spending the second half of July and the first half of August writing about basketball. The calendar doesn’t make sense anymore.

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