This football team deserves better

If UH went to Texas Tech and competed and looked prepared but were outmanned, the fanbase would accept that. If a lucky bounce went their way or if a player had a surprising breakout game, it would suck, but people would understand. That happens.

But none of that happened. Tech did what they wanted, when they wanted while UH wilted after the half. The result: an embarrassing 21-point loss to a 1-3 team that needed a miracle to get to overtime with Houston a year ago.

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Dreamworld. Close your eyes. Get to your happy place. Take your time – no one is watching. Smile. Take a deep breath. Maybe two of them. Now open your eyes and read these offensive numbers from Saturday:

  • 26 first downs
  • 75 offensive plays
  • 489 yards
  • 154 rush yards on 34 carries.
  • 4.5 per carry
  • 29/41 passing
  • 335 pass yards
  • 4 passing touchdowns
  • 0 turnovers
  • 9/15 on third down
  • Gained 6.5 yards per play
  • Won TOP 35:11 to 24:49, and
  • Held the opponent to nine offensive drives

100 out of 100 people would think that UH had their first Big 12 win. Instead, it’s a 21-point loss, another embarrassment in the Dana Holgorsen saga. For the third loss this year, Dana said in the postgame that he thought they had “a good game plan.”

I’m sensing that when he talks about the game plan, he means the planned script to start the game. When the script runs its course, what happens then?

But let’s say it’s not the game plan. Let’s say they have the best game plan imaginable. But what happens when an opponent sees your game plan? They adjust. And that’s the part that this program cannot ever overcome. Maybe there’s a red flag when you get rolled repeatedly despite these good game plans.

“It’s not the play calls. It’s just not,” he told us after the TCU game. He was specifically referring to his fourth-down calls, which have been predictable, but he’s made it clear that he believes it is always on the players and their execution of these play calls. Against Tech, the offense showed promise and, dare I say, creativity through the early-game script. That’s on the coaches, I guess.

But after another “it’s not the play calls” fourth-down, where the 6’5″ 240 lb quarterback was in the shotgun for a handoff up the middle, UH failed to convert again.

Relax. The play calls are fine.

Depth. Dana spent the entire offseason touting his depth, knowing he was heading into the Big 12. Surely, you remember this, right?

And then there’s this:

Yet after both Big 12 games, he’s lamented the lack of Big 12 depth. His team has been outcoached and outplayed in both second halves, and he’s gone away from the things that have worked for his team.

Dana blamed the Tech loss on getting tired and not having depth. But the narrative that Tech wore UH down in the second half is ridiculous. The Red Raiders ran 26 plays in the second half. Twenty six! UH comfortably won the TOP as well. Were 26 plays too much? Of course not.

Were you worn out when you went to overtime with Texas Tech a year ago? They ran 103 plays last year and just 59 plays this year. How are you more worn out this time? How is the problem the Big 12 bodies now but not then?

You weren’t worn out. You were out schemed. And you were outcoached.

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