Tune’s Spray Chart & Perfection Downfield Vs. USF


What can you say about Clayton Tune? The fifth-year senior continues to improve as the season progresses, going for 380 yards and four touchdowns against South Florida. His offensive line has gotten better, as well, helping him out.

Tune’s spray chart in the USF game is incredible. He jabbed USF underneath all day, then delivered three knockdown punches deep down the field (20+) yards.

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In total, Tune was 31/37. Two of the misses were thrown away, and three of his four misses over the middle were drops (Dell, Carter, Brown). Only one incompletion can be attributed to him: a second-quarter throw to Dell that hit the defender in the back.

That’s a pretty damn good game.

Lagniappe: In an odd(?) quirk, Tune was 26/26 on throws without play action for 326 yards and three scores.

Tune’s stellar play has been building. After the Memphis game, we called Clayton Tune’s 15-yard scramble on 4th & 11 the play of the year. Was it?

Since that play, Tune is 63/80 (78.8%) for 741 yards, 11 touchdowns, and zero interceptions. In addition, he’s only been sacked once and, more importantly, put up three crucial wins. It has not come against a killer schedule, but you beat the teams in front of you.

Deep Ball Vs. USF 2020-2022

In three seasons against USF, Tune has killed it with the deep ball. On throws of over 20 yards in the air, he is 8/10 for 253 yards and six touchdowns. That’s a 158.3 passer rating, which is a perfect score.

To qualify for a perfect passer rating, a quarterback must attempt at least 10 passes, have zero interceptions, have a minimum completion percentage of 77.5%, have a minimum of 11.875% of their passes score touchdowns, and have a minimum of 12.5 yards per attempt.

On deep balls against USF in three seasons, Tune has thrown 10 deep balls, had 0 interceptions, completed 80% of his passes, and 60% have gone for touchdowns, with 25.3 yards per attempt.

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